Hello There!

I’m Clay, a UK teen who’s a complete & utter nerd. I like video games (primarily fighting games), chess, & programming - mainly in Rust.

I’ll make posts here every once in a while about random things I think are interesting enough to write about at a given time. I’m most active in hell on Twitter, which is in the site’s footer along with all my other links that matter.


Here are some of my projects I think are noteworthy enough to mention:

  • OCRLang - An interpreter for OCR’s Exam Reference Language
  • WhatYouMean - A CLI dictionary application
  • Baze64 - A Rust library (+ CLI & GUI) for translating base64
  • Weather-Rs - A CLI weather application

You can, of course, check my GitHub if you want to see everything I’ve made and abandoned. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like.

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