The astute readers among you may already have noticed this, but there have been a few changes to the branding ‘round these parts. Firstly, I’ve got a new favicon!

Use Ctrl+F5 to cacheless-refresh if you can’t see it

That’s what it is on Firefox, at least. It might be different on the million Chromes

Wait a minute… who are you?!

Guess the cat’s outta the bag now, huh

Ha, ha 😐

Secondly, I’m a cat now!

The story is neither long nor very interesting, I just had this made for me on a whim & happened to like it more than what I was using before

Stealing my whole flow. You’re getting too confident

There’s no such thing, cat! I’m just a fan of both cyborgs and cats.

Damn furry


Anywho, cya next time with something more meaningful.

Maybe by then he’ll have thought of an original gimmick

No need to reinvent the wheel ¯\_(ツ)_/¯